January, 2012

Utah Wedding Video – Justin & Gina

Here is the wedding video I filmed and edited for Justin and Gina, who were married on November 23, 2011 at the Timpanogos temple.


Utah Engagement Video – Justin & Gina

This is an engagement video I shot for Justin and Gina where they tell the story of how they met and fell in love.

While normally I would love to be able to get everything right during the shoot, sometimes a little post-production work is called for. For this video I did some work in post to get a few of the shots exactly how I wanted. Here’s an example:

utah wedding video

The difference is subtle, but you can probably see that I raised the exposure on Gina’s face in the second image. I loved the composition for her interview with the tree and rock wall in the background, and I needed her in the shade for even lighting…but her face ended up being a little too underexposed. My reflector would have been a nice solution during the shoot, but luckily adding a little more light after the fact wasn’t too difficult. Here’s how I did it.

If this was a still image / photograph that I was correcting all I would have to do is just put a mask around her face using an ellipse shape, give it a feathered edge, and raise the exposure inside of the mask. But since it’s a video that won’t quite do it. Even though she was sitting fairly still during the interview, every now and then she moved around. So if I used a static mask over the top of her face she’d just be moving in and out from behind it. So to do this in a video you just have to add one more step…a motion track. In After Effects I did a motion track of her face. That way I could link the mask to her movement so that every time she moved around the mask stayed right on her face.

utah wedding video

And Voila! Subtle, but I think it makes a difference. Now next time just use your reflector…