September, 2013

Utah Wedding Video – Adam and Alie

Adam and Alie were married in early August at the Salt Lake City Temple. That day reminded me a lot of my own August wedding–really hot and sunny, but a lot of fun. Adam and Alie were great, taking everything in with a smile. I think next year I might bring a cooler so I can bust out some popsicles for us all when we’re done shooting.

Adam and Alie were awesome, their families were a lot of fun, and it was nice working with Mikki Platt Photography as well.

Ceremony: SLC LDS Temple
Photographer: Mikki Platt
Reception Venue: Noah’s Event Center
Catering: As U Wish


Adam and Alie – Love Story Video

I shot this love story video for Adam and Alie back in July up in Park City. It was a lot of fun filming these two and hearing their story. Fake proposals, offensive comments, Harry Potter themes, and more–not your typical love story.

So as I was following the couple down Main Street with my Glidecam people saw me filming and thought Adam and Alie must be someone famous. Someone yelled out “It’s the bachelor!”, which gave us all a good laugh. Looks like Alie got the final rose. =)


Dan and Ally – Pre-Wedding Video

I filmed this pre-wedding video for Dan and Ally back in June. I love shooting pre-wedding videos because we can pick a time of day when the lighting is nice and there aren’t a ton of people around. Plus the mood is more relaxed because we’re not pressed for time like on the wedding day. I honestly think every couple should get a pre-wedding video made. Dan and Ally were really easy to work with–very happy and comfortable in front of the camera. I had a great time filming them.


Tea Ceremony Wedding – Tony and Eva

It’s nice to be able to switch things up every now and then with a unique wedding. I had a lot of fun filming this traditional Chinese wedding for Tony and Eva, which included a tea ceremony. Tony and Eva were an awesome bride and groom. It was a long day packed with lots of activities, and Tony and Eva were happy and glowing throughout the whole thing. They even had some sweet choreographed dances and Gangnam style dancing mixed in at the reception. Oppa Gangnam style!

Venue: Red Maple Restaurant
DJ: Brady McDonald
Caterer: Red Maple Restaurant
Photographer: Melinda Jae


Utah Wedding Video – Rob and Erika

Rob and Erika were married in the beautiful Manti Temple, the same place that Erika’s parents were married. It was hot and really busy at the temple that day, but Rob and Erika were great and it was a lot of fun. The Manti temple is so beautiful and unique, it’s totally worth the drive down there.

Ceremony: Manti LDS Temple
Photographer: Diane Moncion
Catering: A Day to Remember Receptions
Reception Venue: Noah’s Event Center


Rob & Erika – Love Story Video

Here’s another love story video I shot back in April. Rob and Erika were great to work with. Come to find out both Rob and Erika have connections to the area I’m from in New York, and they also knew some of the other couples I’ve shot weddings for in the past (military connections). Of course I didn’t know any of that before we met, but it was very cool to find all that out.


Tyler & Natalie – Love Story Video

As soon as March/April hits it gets super busy around here…so I’ve got some catching up to do with my blog posts. Here’s a love story video I shot back in April for Tyler and Natalie. They were a lot of fun, always smiling and laughing. Thanks to Emily Lesher Photography for introducing us.