Adam and Alie – Love Story Video

I shot this love story video for Adam and Alie back in July up in Park City. It was a lot of fun filming these two and hearing their story. Fake proposals, offensive comments, Harry Potter themes, and more–not your typical love story.

So as I was following the couple down Main Street with my Glidecam people saw me filming and thought Adam and Alie must be someone famous. Someone yelled out “It’s the bachelor!”, which gave us all a good laugh. Looks like Alie got the final rose. =)


Rob & Erika – Love Story Video

Here’s another love story video I shot back in April. Rob and Erika were great to work with. Come to find out both Rob and Erika have connections to the area I’m from in New York, and they also knew some of the other couples I’ve shot weddings for in the past (military connections). Of course I didn’t know any of that before we met, but it was very cool to find all that out.


Tyler & Natalie – Love Story Video

As soon as March/April hits it gets super busy around here…so I’ve got some catching up to do with my blog posts. Here’s a love story video I shot back in April for Tyler and Natalie. They were a lot of fun, always smiling and laughing. Thanks to Emily Lesher Photography for introducing us.


Utah Engagement Video – Justin & Gina

This is an engagement video I shot for Justin and Gina where they tell the story of how they met and fell in love.

While normally I would love to be able to get everything right during the shoot, sometimes a little post-production work is called for. For this video I did some work in post to get a few of the shots exactly how I wanted. Here’s an example:

utah wedding video

The difference is subtle, but you can probably see that I raised the exposure on Gina’s face in the second image. I loved the composition for her interview with the tree and rock wall in the background, and I needed her in the shade for even lighting…but her face ended up being a little too underexposed. My reflector would have been a nice solution during the shoot, but luckily adding a little more light after the fact wasn’t too difficult. Here’s how I did it.

If this was a still image / photograph that I was correcting all I would have to do is just put a mask around her face using an ellipse shape, give it a feathered edge, and raise the exposure inside of the mask. But since it’s a video that won’t quite do it. Even though she was sitting fairly still during the interview, every now and then she moved around. So if I used a static mask over the top of her face she’d just be moving in and out from behind it. So to do this in a video you just have to add one more step…a motion track. In After Effects I did a motion track of her face. That way I could link the mask to her movement so that every time she moved around the mask stayed right on her face.

utah wedding video

And Voila! Subtle, but I think it makes a difference. Now next time just use your reflector…